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Sacred Offerings 

1.Shamanic Healing, Therapeutic & Tantric Bodywork, Yoga, Breath-work, Sound Healing and Meditation Options

A. Cosmic Bliss- A relaxing, blissful session consisting of the following healing modalities: 

- Intention setting

- Sound healing

- Breath-work

- Reiki

- Meditation

- Aromatherapy

- Therapeutic bodywork techniques

- Healing touch

Energy Exchange-

$350 for 1 hour or 3 sessions for $900

$500 for 90 min or 3 sessions for $1,450

$600 for 2 hours or 3 sessions for $1,750

B. Cosmic Yoga- In this session explore a variety of styles of yoga including: 

- Hatha

- Vinyasa

- Kundalini

- Yin Yoga.

Energy Exchange-

$350 for 1 hour 

3 sessions for $900

C. Cosmic Dance- Explore and experience the cosmic healing of shamanic fusion dance with me as we dive deep into our bodies physically, mentally, and energetically focusing on the different body systems while exploring our emotions through motion and movement using intention, sound healing, color and light therapy. Great for tuning into and moving any stuck emotions through movement. 

Energy Exchange-

$350 for 1 hour

3 sessions for $900

D. Cosmic Tantra - This experience allows for us to connect and reach higher levels of consciousness and awakening using tantric practices including:

- Intention setting

- Soul Gazing

- Tantra yoga and meditation

- Breath work

- Aromatherapy 

- Sound healing

- Tantric bodywork techniques

- Chakra breathing and chakra tuning


The focus of this session will be centered around the second (sacral) chakra while using tools and methods to ignite and awaken the sexual energy center. 

Energy Exchange-

$400 for 1 hour or 3 sessions for $1,100

$550 for 90 min or 3 sessions for $1,400

$700 for 2 hours or 3 sessions for $2,000

*these options involve you as the receiver receiving for the entire duration of the session from the Goddess which means you may not touch/grab the Goddess but surrender to her magic touch 

2.Exotic Tantra Options-

These options are reserved for established clients and members only (see below for Membership options).

3. Learn and Play with the Goddess-

This experience is reserved for established clients and members only (see below for Membership options).

Sacred Bathing/Shower Ceremony

There is an option to include a sacred bathing or shower ceremony as part of your session at no additional cost to one of the listed sessions above (must be for 90 min-2 hour sessions longer only)


A. In the sacred bathing ceremony I will prepare a bath with essential oils, crystals and bath salts to cleanse the aura/energy field and lead a guided meditation.  

B. The sacred shower ceremony involves intention setting while showering to rid yourself of negative emotions, energy and people you may have come into contact with prior to our session. There is no time limit for this option.


For those looking to work on something specific or interested in exploring a combination of the above sessions, the Memberships I have created are to help us achieve your goals on a monthly basis where we will meet weekly. You will notice a dramatic difference in not only your health, but in your interpersonal and professional relationships, work and home life, and overall well-being when you take the time to commit to weekly self care. Investing in not only yourself, but in your business. Witness as you become the ultimate version of yourself and watch those around notice as you shift from an older version of yourself to a higher, more stable, calm, awakened, empathetic, communicative, happier, healthy, peaceful and in control version of you. Let's dedicate our time together to manifesting all that we desire including our goals, hopes, dreams, and intentions.  

1. Luna- With the Luna Membership, you will have the option to explore any of the sessions or experiences listed above for a total of one (90 min) session per week for 4 weeks. Additionally, I will be available for coaching via text and/or phone 5 days per week.

Energy Exchange- $2,200/month or $6,800 for 3 months 

2. Rose- With the Rose Membership, you will have the option to explore any of the sessions or experiences listed above for a total of 4 hours per week for 4 weeks. We can break these sessions down into 1 hour, 90 min, or 2 hour depending on your preference and availability. Additionally, I will be available for coaching via text and/or phone 5 days per week.

Energy Exchange- $6,000/month or $17,000 for 3 months 

* As a member you will get access to exclusive 'Members Only' benefits and sacred offerings.

Freeze/Pause/Cancellation Policy for Members Only

You can pause/freeze/reschedule up to 5 sessions with 24 hours notice. 1 free cancellation per month for sessions rescheduled or canceled in less than 24 hours of appointment. After 1st free cancellation, if cancelled within less than 24 hours, you will be charged for the full session. 

Skype/Phone/Text Sessions (no client screening required)

I am available for tantra over Skype, Face-Time or phone for those that are not able to come for an in person session. There is no client screening process needed for Skype/Phone sessions. 

Energy Exchange- $300/hr for live session via Skype or Face-time

Energy Exchange- $300/month for unlimited text, pics, video, and audio messaging. I respond daily, 5 days/week

Energy Exchange- $400/month for unlimited text, pics, video and audio messaging. I respond daily, 5 days/week. + One Live Session/mo (30 min each)

Energy Exchange- $500/month for unlimited text, pics, video, and audio messaging. I respond daily, 5 days/week. +4 Live Sessions/month (30 min each)

Additional Notes About Appointments, Sessions, Cancellation Policy

*I always recommend clients book for 90 min- 2 hours. 1 hour is not typically enough time to go through everything without the session feeling rushed. 

*An additional $100 energy exchange added to the total for couples sessions. Recommend 2 hour for couples, Minimum 90 min 

*Extra donation for outcall depending on distance and location. Outcall to 5 star hotels only.

*Cancellation policy- if you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please do so within 24 hrs of your appointment otherwise I ask that you send me a donation for my time. 

*I am not typically available for same day appointments.